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Community engagements are something to which everyone looks up-to,getting into an atmosphere of the developers,learners,problem solvers,community builders,strategists,budding unicorns and what not,a community is the beginning to most of them,the first step into the world of geeks,beginners,professionals and students,everyone here is so independent an free to learn and grow,that are few right signs of a perfect community.

A community has a lot of things, you give your everything and take a lot from it too,people invest their time,money and everything possible from their side, and in return you get what you expect from it,depending on your personal expectations,if you’re a community builder your satisfaction will lie in its extensive reach,if you’re a developer,you’ll be able to learn new tools and technologies,if you’re a professional,you will be able to know more people in the community who are your like-minded types,also knowing some good people can also land you in a massive job.Thus, being in a community can help you in a lot ways.

Let me introduce you all to my community journey till now:

Well,I started it all with an urge to meet new people,collect some great swags,get to know more about technologies,and get some valuable resources.All these things had an important role in guiding my river flow in the right direction,in the right way,and that’s what got me to know what’s the right thing for me,what’s the thing that I can do at my level best and explore more,since then,I’m still exploring this thing called community.

I entered into knowing the world and communities with Google Mobile Developer Fest.

Pictures from Mobile Developer Fest

Popularly known as MDF,this was the first event I attended and undoubtedly this totally amazed me by its enormous crowd,communities,organization and the interactive events and activities going on there,I really loved the sessions and talk-shows,everything was just more than awe-inspiring i thought it would be.Also,there were plenty of swags too.

Coming next,I attended a Machine Learning and Big Data session @ Atlan,Saket,New Delhi.

Few pictures from the event at Atlan

This was a proper total technical event which i attended for the first time,I came to know about GDG,GDG Cloud,DSC,WTM and other communities and their programs. This was only the event which gave me a platform to form a team and plan out the famous Devfest for the New Delhi edition,My team submitted some really great ideas which led us to secure the second position there.Also,the sessions of data & ML were informative.

Actions on Google & Google Cloud community programs incentives.

Now,I got more into learning and attended many college based events/activities,which made me aware of many great technologies,tools and techniques,I explored myself more and tried my level best to gain some experience and learn more.I practiced Qwiklabs for Google Cloud,learnt a lot from them and scored a swag box in which I received a cloud watch and a T shirt for Quest Leader too,also,for developing an action in Google Assistant on Actions on Google Console,I received a T shirt for assistant too,for deploying it in two languages I also received a Google Home from Google Assistant .These types of small scale achievements motivated me to do and learn more.

Moving ahead,I then further hosted a workshop in Gurugram for Google Cloud and Actions and Google as an Organizer & Core member of DSC-Galgotias University.

My session on Google Cloud Machine learning APIs

The event had some of the really great speakers from different communities like DSC’s,GDG Cloud,AmEx etc. The whole event was a great success and students and professionals both attended the event with the same zeal.It was my first event in which I gave a session on GCP Machine Learning APIs. I also assisted the attendees in elucidating qwiklabs,also we facilitated them with qwiklabs credits.The qwiklabs sessions including the session I gave,all of them had a really great feedback and response.My first session went really well.

Coming next,I hosted a workshop in my University campus on the behalf of DSC-Galgotias University on Actions on Google.

My workshop on Actions on Google in Galgotias University

In the month of September,I along with my core team,hosted the workshop for the first years and new beginners of the engineering year,I and my team mentored and gave hands-on session on Actions on Google to the new learners,I personally felt really prominent and impacting as I facilitated the new comers of the university with a bunch of useful knowledge.

And now unfolds the most interesting event of the whole year,Devfest’19 New Delhi.The best card in my deck.

My worthwile experience as a volunteer in DevFest’19
My worthwhile experience in DevFest’19 as a volunteer.

GDG ,GDG Cloud and WTM New Delhi brought to us a genuinely vast,diversified,variegated and a myriad of 8 different tracks along with 30+ speakers from different parts of the country and NCR as well. Devfest is certainly the biggest event of an year for which every developer looks up-to for a worthwhile experience.This was probably the biggest community event I attended till date,it certainly was my best experience to Volunteer in ‘The DevFest’.

After Devfest’19 ,I along with my team at DSC Galgotias in Collaboration with DSC-GTBIT hosted a Mega Community Meetup in Gurugram.

Few pictures from Mega Community Meetup

In this so called Mega Community Meetup,we hosted almost 10 Speakers on different diverse genres,all the sessions gave a great insight of their respective field,we learnt more about web,voice,community,machine learning,product management and etc. The speakers shared a valuable information and the attendees were able to relate to many things simultaneously.Also,every attendee was provided with swags and special swags were being given to those who answered to the speaker's questions. Indeed, it was really fun to join all the great community people .

As the flow never stopped,next I volunteered for the meetup of Voiceflow India

Voiceflow India Launch Meetup

Voiceflow has been a great product and a community as well,in November, we launched the event with a great and active participation of the students and proffesionals as well.Soon after the event was over,withtin a few days, Voiceflow got funded by thr Amazon Alexa Fund.This community engaged all of us more into voice and definitely made us think like “Voice is the new boom”,and indeed it is. A product which is in use by thousands of developers worldwide is definitely something that has a big footprint in the community and the market as well.

Again a grand event, Google Cloud Community Day

Google Cloud Community Day

The Google Developers Group Cloud,New Delhi(GDGC ND),was certainly very proud to be hosting this mega event,within a span of very less years the community rose its bar to a high altitude,it crossed 5,000 members too,well these accomplishments were a lot to be cheered upon.I was tremendously happy and proud to be working for the posters and videos of the event,I not only contributed my bit by the design work but also volunteered on the particular day too.

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn”.One such thing that came to me as an opportuniy was a grand workshop for my very own university design community Graphex.

My college’s Design community: Graphex Workshop

I had a really proud moment in hosting one of the biggest events in my university for its Design Club Graphex. The workshop consisted of topics like poster making,photo manipulation,Product designing by our guest speaker,certificates,cool customized swags and a lot of interesting stuff.The zeal was so high among the students that the no. of registrations crossed 600+ and almost 400+ people showed up on the day.The response by the audience and the things they learnt was a great source of motivation for us.

In the month of February,a dream came true,visited the Google Gurugram office for the first time for Data in GCP meetup.

Data on GCP meetup @ Google,Gurugram.

GDG Cloud New Delhi,my one of the most favorite communities,organised this event in collaboration with Elastic,the event consisted of majority of professionals,I volunteered in the same as I worked for its posters and stuff,also,my experience of visiting the Google office was really enthralling ,I came to know about the relevance of elastic and its use in GCP. Also,as new meetups and events are there,it also brings us an opportunity to connect to new people ,each with different domains,skills and communities.That’s what makes me attend more of these kind-of events in the present.

These were the communities and their happenings that made a large impact on me,which urged me to make more contributions by every possible means,to give the best of myself and that’s how it all came back to me in some or the other manner.I mentioned many communities like GDG New Delhi,GDG Cloud New Delhi and much more.I also recently took a responsibility for co-leading India’s first community for open source mobile web developers, . Also,have been an active member in Community Folks, Design Sundays,TechnoJam , Scaler Academy,Voiceflow India and much more.I’m also looking forward to open a Design based community and serve more into the domain.

Well,the pictures and session,the memories,the engagements,the interactions are endless,its nearly impossible to write everything here but believe me that’s what a roller-coaster ride communities give you,you connect,learn,solve and grow. The most beautiful gestures that all of the communities include are teaching you and keeping you in an environment that always gives you knowledge,power and the will to contribute your part in it.The best thing is that this keeps on going and there are no limitations to make your impact a big one.

Communities are just like families,they provide you everything you want,you develop a persona,a reputation,a confidence that always boosts you and urges you to help more people out of it.

Do reach out to me if you’re more curious about communities.

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